Washington University in St. Louis

Dr. Djuranovic receives ACS grant.

Congratulations to Sergej Djuranovic for receiving a one-year American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grant from the Siteman Cancer Center!

Project Title:  "Regulation of Genes by Ribosome Stalling in Cancer Cell Growth"
Award Period:  1/01/15-12/31/15

Summary:  One prerequisite for tumor growth and progression is individual cell growth, which requires immense numbers of ribosomes, the complex molecular machines that carry out protein synthesis.  Ribosomes bear the overwhelming burden of correctly and efficiently producing all proteins in the cell.  Thus, mutations that affect ribosomes and their ability to make normal proteins may play a crucial role in tumor progression.  Dr. Djuranovic's research goal is to decipher a novel gene regulatory mechanism that controls correct ribosome formation and therefore overall protein production, cell growth and proliferation.  Study of this novel and basic cellular pathway in the context of cancer biology may lay the foundation for groundbreaking and innovative research that will be directed to prevention and new therapies for this complex of diseases.

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